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In the twenty-first century, the job market has become tougher than ever for prospective applicants to land any kind of job, much less one producing a livable wage. With a ratio of 5 applicants for every1 job, how are YOU and your kids going to be able to able to compete when the time comes? With increases in the costs of tuition, it is THAT much harder for ANYONE to even get in the race, and even those with advanced degrees are finding the pickings to be slim.

Make no mistake, a college degree is the only way for you to have ANY chance of beating out the competition. BUT HELP IS HERE!.

Welcome to Elissa Sommerfield's TESTPREP. We offer real world solutions for real world problem-solving, starting anywhere from TAKS to the bar exam. We don't just teach to the test; we teach a methodology that helps you solve problems meant to test your skills. Just as Verbal and Math Skills offers valuable assistance on college entrance tests, so our teachers know exactly how to raise student's grades in all their academic classes. Today's students are challenged by more rigorous and complex classwork designed to prepare them for a higher education (as well as faced by more distractions, such as, social media), so our teachers are familiar with the variety of classes open to students.

This is NOT teaching to the test, but a LOGICAL system of problem solving that WORKS.

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