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featued in Park Cities News, January 2010

On January 23, 2010 talented 7th graders may be offered a chance to sit for the SAT or the February ACT.

Quite a few parents plaintively ask, “Why? Why? Why put my kids through that strenuous experience?” Yet many parents perceive the benefits of taking the ultimate college admissions exam four or five years before it is required.

According to test prep specialist Elissa Sommerfield, “Taking the SAT while in the 7th grade gives students a step upward towards college entrance. First, recent research has demonstrated that seventh graders who take the test early show an increase in the score on their entrance exams they take them as prerequisite for college acceptance.” Additionally, students already baptized under the fire of these stringent tests generally do not suffer a vast excess of test anxiety as other test-takers do. Moreover, early awareness of a child’s academic strengths and weaknesses therefore may be addressed quickly and more thoroughly than if allowed to become entrenched.

Elissa Sommerfield, Director of Verbal & Math (P)SAT/ACT Prep, and Frances Bailey Wood will conduct a mini-class to help the TIP 7th graders score as well as they possibly can. Covered will be pertinent tests-taking techniques, time budgeting on tests, and the vocabulary, reading, grammar and math skills so rigorously evaluated on these exams.

ELISSA SOMMERFIELD is a Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with an MA in English from SMU. She taught English at SMU and in the Dallas County Community College District. For under 30 years, she has conducted classes in SAT and ACT preparation as well as in graduate school exam instruction and study skills. Additionally, she has tutored extensively in most academic areas, the ISEE, the composition of school entrance essays, and editing books. She has served as an SAT and educational consultant for 29 Texas school districts and has authored four books on SATs plus, with Frances Bailey Wood, co-authored and revised one on how to study efficiently. An educational consultant, as well as graduate school, college, and boarding school counselor, she is a member of Independent Educational Consultants Association and Texas Association for College Admissions Counselors. Sommerfield actively maintains her Certified Educational Planner designation and at UT was a Phi Beta Kappa in her junior year.

FRANCES BAILEY WOOD teaches math at the Hockaday School and is a former St. Mark’s School of Texas math teacher and sixth grade math curriculum coordinator. Up until her recent return to Dallas, she taught math and history at St. Paul’s Episcopal Day School in Kansas City. Mrs. Wood received three Crystal Apple National Teacher’s Awards from Time Warner Cable for her ingenuity in integrating computer work into 7th grade American History classes. She earned her BA at Wichita State University, her M.Ed. at TWU, and her Reading Specialist Certification. The book she co-authored and revised with Elissa Sommerfield, Study Skills Guide: A Survivor’s Manual, is distributed to all of the students in their classes to consult during the school year.

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