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Love What You Learn About Your Hometown Paper

May 6th, 2013

Along with OTHER pieces of journalism like the New York'll be excited about the news reports you can trust and accept. Fascinating human interests stories surface both in fiction and in real-life.

Interesting tales, like several concerning fiery Detroit Tiger Ty Cobb, who from 1912 until his retirement was beset by rage and turned almost every other ball player into a hostile adversary with his lengthy list of grudges and his sour mood.

Tales of other athletes such as sibling Jean, Danna, and Steven Lopez, made the US Olympics squads team for medals in 2008, and Diana chortled, "it was really cool--a dream come true for all three of us...We, all three of us, came back with hardware" for our ablity to win awards at the Olympics.

Many kids have been thrilled: Baylor athlete great Robert Griffin III, now the Redskins quarterback, a true winner who exhibits the saying, "Nice guys finish first."

The Highland Park High School Science Team won first place at the State meet in San Antonio March 17. This year they took second place in math, third in number sense, and second in the TMSCA 4A sweepstakes.

Also winners, artists, and leaders of aesthetic abilities are extremely interested in working for the Nasher Sculpture Gallery, the Dallas Art Museum, and art auction houses such as Sotheby's and Christie's! Several of my older students were inspired to attend the two-day David Dillon Symposiums at the Nasher Sculpture Center where a dichotomy has begun to exist between the visual in art critic Dillon's fascination with architecture as fine art and a changing world dictated by the new architectural landscape which stresses sigh and design.

Many of my students also have come to be electrified by the drums and jazz guitarist headlined Friday night at the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival. Yes, sound and beat create inspiration music for kids and adults who crave to listen to and create music.

Clearly, biographer Robert Caro has achieved an enormous journalistic report on the life of Lyndon B. Johnson in the Passage of Power, which details LBJ's account of many of the vital traits for our US President JFK, shot down in the prime of his life and the tragic events which abbreviated his life but which enabled LBJ's heroic adoption of the civil rights movement.

In the summer, historians, writers, biographers, film makers and artists, plus many more protagonists and even youngsters have enlightened our students about America, NOW and THEN.

ELISSA SOMMERFIELD is a Phi Beta Kappa, summa cum laude graduate from the University of Texas at Austin with an MA in English from SMU. She taught English at SMU and in the Dallas County Community College District. For under 30 years, she has conducted classes in SAT and ACT preparation as well as in graduate school exam instruction and study skills. Additionally, she has tutored extensively in most academic areas, the ISEE, the composition of school entrance essays, and editing books. She has served as an SAT and educational consultant for 29 Texas school districts and has authored four books on SATs plus, with Frances Bailey Wood, co-authored and revised one on how to study efficiently. An educational consultant, as well as graduate school, college, and boarding school counselor, she is a member of Independent Educational Consultants Association and Texas Association for College Admissions Counselors. Sommerfield actively maintains her Certified Educational Planner designation and at UT was a Phi Beta Kappa in her junior year.

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